Another trivia

My life is such a mess.

I can't tell you the detail,but eh..there's a lot of things going wrong earlier in my life.

I can't blame anyone for this mess,since i myself did this.So,i won't find any scapegoat to unleash this rage inside me.

Well,most of the problems are the same,as usual : it's about a girl.

Everything's changed since we chatted for the first time.Now,you don't like me,and you don't consider me as one of your best friend (?) anymore.

As for me,i think you've changed,drastically.What i felt from you now,is that you've become so cold.

I won't blame you for your significant change,since i did that to you.I knew that "this " would be troublesome for me someday.

We're changing,because basically people are dynamic,can't stay the same forever.

Now,i hope there's no grudge between us.

I was just wondering when will that day come?

The day that we can understand each other.

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