What i feel ?

Well,i've had a lot of things to do,so i can't write this damned bullshits.Well guys,here are the things i wanna told you :

1.I'm about to face the National Exam.Wish me luck !!

2.I'm searching for a partner of crime (wait,i got it wrong) partner of a lifetime

3.I've been working a novel,wish me luck guys :D

4.I wanna buy a bass guitar fx and sound amplifier

Well,some shit happened in my life earlier.My bike's license was charged due to traffic breaking.Then,i've had a conflict with my best friend.She said that she doesn't know me anymore.I realized i'm changing ,but in what manners ? If only i can chat w/ her right now,i'd probably ask her about some stuffs.

Well guys,wish me luck! It's dusk already,i'd better preparing for tomorrow .See ya later !!

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