Udah lama gak nulis ya,hehehe.Lagi bosen sama blogger,dan pengen pindah ke twitter dulu.Posting kali ini tentang lirik lagu,yang aku ambil dari kisah hidup sendiri.Moga-moga kesampean jadi lagu (amin :D).

I wish i had someone
right here beside me
to share all my story
and what i've been through today

It's been 4 years
since i had some one beside me
she's my only love
that i put my desire..within

But i realized
that it was nice
to be alone for a while
with no one's bother you

With their selfishness
With their stubbornness
With their pain,their despair
and their dreams..

So be single and no one will bother you
So be single and no one will envy you
You will realize soon after you feel what it like
to be alone..