Pathway of pain

Through those suffering
And all those pain you gave to me
Will i be able to wake up
from the nightmare you gave

Now lets talk about our feelings
I hope nobody's crying
Raise your head up and never look down
Because there's something you should know

Even if my feel's pointless
You should not ignore me
Can you accept me for who i am
and just don't hate me for what i am

Remembering time we've spent together
will it able to last forever
and will you love me so tender
if you can't i'll just set it to ember

Still,i thought about what you did
causing myself torn and bleed
But i just try to forgive your sin
Due to the pathway of pain that i take

I just don't know what you think
why don't you check what i feel
Looking forward to the moment we will know
each other's feeling that's delayed

And so,this feeling causing trouble on me
i just hope,it will soon be flee
Don't try to push me out
I won't change my thoughts of you

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